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Image by Matt Collamer

Community makes all things possible. United Community Living Center (UCLC) will provide individuals with a unique opportunity to change the direction of their lives.


Simply put, the UCLC will provide services for a population in Augusta that is falling through the cracks. With community health services on site, people with mental and physical health issues, substance abuse issues, financial issues and more will be given the opportunity to improve their lives. They will be encouraged to seek the services that exist in Augusta to help them grow and live successfully within our Augusta community.  How do you do that when you’re living curbside?


When given stability and opportunity, the individuals you see hanging out, walking with all their worldly possessions or living in a tent can get healthy, find recovery, seek education, and get jobs.  They can find purpose and they can be successful, just like you.

Image by Katt Yukawa


What do we need?  We need the Augusta Community to help us purchase the building which then allows us access to funding for services.


How can you immediately help?  Please send an immediate donation and / or a pledge for 2024 (See attached information)


What else can you do?  Help us fund-raise!!  Create an event, a bake sale, a book sale, or anything with proceeds to benefit….have your scout troop do a bottle drive, have your friends donate all the spare change they don’t want to roll.  Share this letter with everyone you know!!


We believe that if the entire Augusta community gets behind this, it will happen.  Augusta will create the change it needs.

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