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The United Community Living Center is a group of concerned individuals forming a non-profit for the purpose of creating housing opportunities in the Capital City.  Our vision is to create a COMMUNITY around our most vulnerable populations and help them lift themselves up.


 We endeavor to inspire our unhoused to work toward their goals thru access to Community Health Workers, education, employment, finance, nutrition and managing medical and mental health conditions.  Recovery and peer support services may also be available onsite or by referral to existing resources.  These opportunities will inspire hope and provide the skills needed to move forward.


Available resources will include a computer lab and a teaching kitchen.  We will provide supportive services for attaining formal education in order to help guests to improve their personal situation and lead to opportunities for advancement in employment and increased independence for those who are interested.   Services will be tailored to the individual guest and what they find meaningful.  We will support guests in their pursuit of housing independence.

Image by Nina Strehl


United Community Living Center will provide a sense of safety and security to individuals experiencing homelessness.  Guests will utilize housing and will have access to community health workers to support them in moving forward.  We will offer resources, opportunities and education to help them develop skills to encourage successful independence.


To be a helping hand, providing support and safety to individuals experiencing housing insecurity, and instilling hope for the future.


In order to move this project forward we will be seeking business and community support.  We will engage with other social and health organizations to identify and support the needs of the Augusta area homeless.  We will be holding focus groups and listening sessions to help us better understand these needs and to tailor our services to meet these needs whenever possible.


We will also be seeking funding to support this worthwhile effort.  Fundraising and grants will be utilized for this project.   Donations are currently being accepted through a partner organization while we are securing our non-profit status.


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